Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do I need a referral before seeing the physiotherapist?

No, we are first line practitioners – if upon diagnosis it is determined that the problem is outside the scope of practice an appropriate referral will be made. We practice in association with the patient’s medical team and can refer patients for X-rays/ sonar or to see a specialist.

2) Is the practice contracted in with the medical aid

All treatments are claimed through the medical aid. If the patient doesn’t have any funds available it is the patient’s responsibility to discuss this with the therapist.

3) What to bring with to my physiotherapy appointment?

• Your medical aid card and ID/ drivers licence
• Diagnostic tests (X-rays, sonar, MRI etc.) and their results (if you have)
• Referral letter from the Doctor (if you have)
• Comfortable clothes to allow assessment and exposure of the site to be treated

4) How long does the treatment take

This depends on the treatment provided.
• Lymphedema treatment: 60-90min
• Orthopaedics/ neuromusculoskeletal treatment: 45-60min
• Respiratory treatments: 30min

5) Is there parking available

The practice is situated in Southlake Medical Centre and there is safe parking available.

6) Do you do any home visits?

Yes. In the case of orthopaedic and elderly patients having difficulty mobilising or being unable to travel to the practice home visits can be arranged. Please contact us to find out more about the home visits.

7) How to make an appointment?

Please call either of the following numbers to make an appointment

Practice number: 012 663 7895
Carla de Beer: 072 223 2355