physio doing hands on techniques

Hands on techniques

• Joint mobilisation
• Joint manipulation
• Massage and soft tissue techniques (including myofascial release)
• Muscle stretching
• Neural mobilisation

physio doing lymphedema management

Lymphedema management

Complete decongestive physiotherapy
• Manual lymph drainage
• Compression therapy (bandages and compression garments)
• Decongestive exercises
• Skin care education

physio attending to othe modalities

Other modalities

• Dry needling
• Kinesio taping & sports taping
• Electrotherapy (ultrasound; laser; deep oscillation; TENS; NMES; IFC)

Physio rehabilitating patient


• Condition specific exercise program
• Post-operative rehab
• Ante/post natal exercise and advice
• Ergonomic education and advice

respiratory condition treated by physio


• Nebulisation
• Postural drainage
• Percussions
• Vibrations
• Breathing exercises


orthopaedics by physio


• Back & Neck pain

(Disc / facet / nerve root / muscular)

• Whiplash

• Headaches

(cervicogenic / tension)

• Shoulder conditions

(Frozen shoulder; rotator cuff pathology; labral tears; biceps tendonitis; AC joint pathology; dislocation; impingement; fracture; postural syndromes)

• Elbow conditions

(golfers- / tennis elbow; fracture)

• Foot conditions

(metatarsalgia; plantar fasciitis; fracture)

• Ankle conditions

(achilles tendonitis; sever’s disease; achilles tendon rupture; ankle sprains; tib posterior tendonitis; fractures)

• Knee conditions

(ITB; osteoarthritis; patellofemoral pain; post-operative arthroscopy/ total knee replacement/ meniscal/ ligament repair)

• Hip conditions

(trochanteric bursitis; osteoarthritis; piriformis syndrome; SIJ; post-operative total hip replacement)
Lymphedema condition treated by physio


• Secondary lymphedema

Surgery e.g. oncologic, orthopaedic, reconstruction, liposuction etc. - Radiation - Trauma - Infection - Malignancy - CVI - Filariasis

• Primary lymphedema

Developmental abnormality of lymphatic system, either congenital / hereditary)

• Lipo-lymphedema

Combination of lipedema and lymphedema

• Phlebo-lymphedema

Combination of chronic venous insufficiency and lymphatic insufficiency

respiratory conditions treated by physio

Respiratory conditions

• Bronchitis
• Pneumonia
• Asthma
• Sinusitis

other conditions treated by physio


• Soft tissue pathology

(haematoma; muscle strain/tear; ligament sprain/tear; overuse injuries; wound healing)

• Pregnancy related pathology

(back & neck pain; SIJ; wound healing; mastitis)